FRIM/SYDS Julspetakel

FRIM/SYD bjuder in till storstilat julspektakel på galleri Ping Pong med Phase-In + Herman & Qarins Elektriska Duett.

14 december kl. 18:00
Galleri Ping-Pong
Stora Nygatan 4, Malmö

Fri entré men ta med den vanliga 50-lappen o ge den till musikerna denna kväll!



Gunnar Lettow – bass & live electronics & fx
Sylvia Necker – space station & fx

phase~in is an electro-acoustic duo from Hamburg. In a radio broadcast for improvised music in 2007 first tracks were live on air at Freies Sender Kombinat Hamburg (FSK), which resulted in a further cooperation between the two musicians developed. The tracks are created intuitively and improvised with a noisy aesthetics. The music of phase~ in is dynamic and moves between tiny micro sounds and sound explosions.

Gunnar Lettow extends the sound of the electric bass by different preparations such as spears, clips, brushes and the use of effects units. He explores the sounds of the electric bass and creates new universes of sound. He plays in the trio KLS with Robert Klammer and Lars Scherzberg and plays regularly in ad hoc formations (Ernesto Rodrigues, Herman Müntzing, Carl-Ludwig Hübsch, Nicolas Wiese, Ofer Bymel, etc.).

Sylvia Necker works for quite some time on the links between various sound modules and effects units. This led to their instruments: the “space station”. This “space station” with a hundred control buttons and several meters of cable isn’t only audible at phase~in, but also in solo performances. She can be heard in different formations, mainly as drummer and saxophonist. For more than eight years, she is the organizer of the concert series “Freitagsmusik ” for improvised music (

####Herman & Qarins Elektriska Duett####10682304_10204044181443235_51637323043212424_o

Herman Müntzing och Qarin Wikström har tidigare samarbetat i impro-country kollektivet Rhododendron String Band. Sedan 2011 uppträder de i duon ”Herman & Qarins Elektriska Duett” i ett rått och lyriskt samspel präglat av hjärtlig tillit, där de bokstavligen kopplar sig samman i varandras elektriska maskineri och instrument. Ingen vet riktigt vem som sköter vad i denna farkost, eller var och hur den kommer att landa.

Qarin Wikström is a swedish singer and composer situated in Copenhagen. She´s the leader of Kostcirkeln and co-leader of Sekten (receiver of a danish music award for the album ”annars är det tyst”) and Attaboy (nominee to a danish music award for the album ”oværkliga saker”), all three bands on ILK. She´s also co-leader of bands on other labels such as Babakarej, Big bombastic collective (with an earlier release on ILK) and Rhododendron string band.Her musicality lives in the outskirts of jazz; a blend of genres and sounds that refers to pop, avantgarde, nordic folklore and swedish funk from the 70´s.She appears on recordings with other prizewinning bands such as Efterklang and Grammofunch. Apart from band activities, she´s also active as a composer and choir arranger in various dance performances, theater plays and art installations.

Herman Müntzing har vänt och vridit på akustiska och elektriska föremål sedan 80-talet.
Han spelar och undervisar I improvisation på såväl etablerade jazzfestivaler som på obskyra
källarhål i Minsk. Samarbetar med en rad kända namn inom genren, med en rad okända namn,
samt med musiker som inte ens betraktar sig som musiker.