Mats Gustafsson – saxofoner, Sten Sandell – piano, Raymond Strid – trummor
Lördagen den 11/5 kl 19.30
Inter Arts Center, Bergsgatan 29, Malmö
Inträde: 100 SEK

I 25 år har denna trio spelat och utvecklat sitt uttryck av abstrakta kompositioner, dissonanser och fritt flygande improvisationer. GUSH var med och byggde upp den svenska frijazzscenen i slutet av 80-talet. En scen som blev en av de starkaste i Europa med namn som Fredrik Ljungkvist, Magnus Broo, Christian Munthe, David Stackenäs och såklart, medlemmarna i GUSH: Mats Gustafsson – saxofoner, Sten Sandell – piano, Raymond Strid – trummor.

“The members of GUSH are extremely well matched: the group includes three of the Swedish Improv scene´s leading performers, Mats Gustafsson (reeds), Sten Sandell (piano), Raymond Strid (drums). While essentially an example of trio improvising, the longest piece, ”Any warranty Of”, also offers the chance to hear Gustafsson and Sandell produce persuasive solo contributions…. Strids drumming is never less than brilliant fleet, yet somehow restrained, spacious, and alive with tiny metallic nuances. Authoritative collective improvising you cant afford to miss.” Chris Blackford, Wire Mag.

“Surprise is an element that keeps movement on edge, but there is something more. It comes in the way the three understand each other and how they pick up the mental thread that each unravels. Perhaps it comes from having been together since 1988. Yet, to their credit, time has not staled their impulses. Creativity is still ripe. And it is in that that their music bristles and stirs the senses.” All about Jazz

“the three seem to follow effortlessly each other’s most unexpected or volatile moves. Sandell matches Gustafsson’s milder moments with single-note lines and small figures at the extreme ends of the keyboard. When Gustafsson inevitably erupts, he responds with throbbing, dense chords repeated over and over again. Strid gives the music a thrust without spelling out the beat or trying to overpower the other two. He meets every jab and punch from Gustafsson and Sandell with a felicitous gesture.” Jazztimes